Ferrum Lek 10 ml


Manufacturer: Lek Pharmaceuticals, Slovenia.

Substance: Polymaltosate of ferrous hydroxide (III), Ferric (III) hydroxide polymaltosate.

Package: 2ml amp x 5 (100 mg/2ml).


Ferrum Lek (The international not patent name or MNN — Gland [III] hydroxide polymaltosate) – pharmaceutical drug which main active ingredient is complex salt of iron. This microelement – an important compound component of such proteinaceous structures as hemoglobin and a myoglobin. Its physiological role consists in oxygen transport as hemoglobin – a key link of an erythrocyte (other name of cells – red blood cells, they are responsible for transferring of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a respiratory cycle). In the course of cellular respiration iron promotes transport of electrons through a membrane at the oxidizing metabolism occurring during growth and proliferation of the young formed fabrics.

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