HGH Jintropin 10 IU


Manufacturer: GeneScience, China.

Substance: Somatropin.

Package: 10 IU



Jintropin made by GeneScience is the most popular rHGH sold in China. According to IMS, an internationally recognized marketing firm, jintropin is the absolute market leader in China with just over 75% market share.

GenSci uses a proprietary technology called E.coli secretion technology which will produce a 191 amino acid sequence human growth hormone. This produces a high quality highly purified product resulting in no side effects associated with injection, such as red rash or welts at the injection site. This technology also has the advantage that growth hormone produced using secretion technology is very stable; it can be stable at 37C or 98F degrees for about 30 days. When refrigerated it can be stable for a year. .

Jintropin is now the most well known and respected brand of rhGH in China and sought after around the world

Benefits of HGH

As Jintropin Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can provide benefit in many areas, we have divided the main therapeutic indcations into categories and provided links to medical resources where you can learn more.

The biopharmaceuticals field is progressing very quickly, and new products such as JINTROPIN are making a big difference to those who want the benefits of a trustworthy product, but who don't want to pay for the brand name on the box when there is no perceivable difference in quality. Established brands charge much higher prices because they used to have a monopoly in the HGH market, but our clients can now benefit from the efforts of smaller companies who are creating excellent products at much more competitive prices.

We firmly believe that the best way for you to decide whether JINTROPIN is right for you is to read these independent third party resources for yourself and come to your own conclusions. The clinical research speaks for itself!

» Reduce excess body fat, especially abdominal fat. (The reduction of abdominal fat is the single most profound effect of HGH replacement.)
» Increase muscle mass (and physical strength if combined with moderate exercise).
» Reduce wrinkling of the skin and some other effects of skin aging.
» Re-grow internal organs that have atrophied with age.
» Increase bone density.
» Strengthen the immune system.

Jintropin/HGH should be administered a minimum of .5 I.U’ s and a maximum of 2IU’s daily 6 days a week with one day off. HGH should be given in the evening before bed. You should not eat anything an hour and half before and an hour and half after injection. Also do not eat foods high with glucose (sugar) three hours before taking HGH. The sugar with interfere with your bodies absorption of the HGH.


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