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WestPharm GHRP-6 Exp. 2017-08

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Manufacturer: West Pharmaceuticals, United States.

Substance: Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide - 6.

Package: 1 vial (5 mg).

Expiration: 2017-08.


GHRP-6 (GHR peptide-6, G-hormone releasing peptide-6) is hexapeptide belong to class of releasing proteins with hormones as their targets. It contains six different amino acids, its molecular formula is C46H56N12O6 and its molecular mass/weight is 873.01.

Clinical trials dedicated to the group of peptides which GHR peptide-6 belongs to, started in 1990s; according to on research in 1995 even though point of action and mechanism of GHRPeptides-6 are still not fully uncovered but it is totally different from such features as in releasing GH-hormone. However, some studies claimed that it is more efficient that original GHRH and named hypothalamus as its primary target of action.

GHRP-6 is a synthesized met-enkephaline analog that contains non-natural D-amino acids, and this structure makes peptide to become a GH-secretagogue due to its capability to stimulate synthesis of growth hormone. In turn that promotes lean body muscular tissue and reduces adipose fat. Also this research compound has anti-inflammatory features and certain protective impact on the liver.

However, were noted that GHRP-6 does not possesses same intracellular effect as GHRP-2.

Till now this hexapeptide is still being studied so it is produced for researches and laboratories.

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