T5 60 capsules


Manufacturer: Zion Labs, Cyprus.

Substance: 30mg Ephedrine, 250mg Caffeine, 150mg Aspirin.

Package: 60 caps (1cap/430mg).


Zion Labs T5 that is an extremely Powerful Fat Burner.

Take 1 capsule with breakfast. If tolerated well then another capsule can be taken at lunchtime. For an extra energy boost prior to working out take 1-2 caps approx 40 mins before training.

Intake of Zion Labs T5, the heart beats more, the metabolism is stimulated by the body and thus consumes more power. Zion Labs T5 should not be taken late in the evening, there is no longer think because of the high-energy action to sleep afterwards.

T5 Zion Labs – side effects

Some side effects after taking T5 Zion Labs are a dry mouth, nervousness, stress, headache, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, trembling hands, and insomnia, if the last capsule is taken too late in the evening. Therefore should be swallowed at noon at the latest just beginning the second capsule. In addition, T5 Zion Labs also causes a stronger sweating – enough to drink therefore a top priority, otherwise the body would dry up. If heart problems that ingesting the product T5 Zion Labs is not recommended.

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