WestPharm T-5 EX 90 capsules


Manufacturer: WestPharm.

Substance: Ephedra Extract (Leaves) 30mg, Caffeine 250mg, Aspirin 150mg, Dimethylmylamine 50mg, Synephrine HCL 30mg.

Package: 90 caps (1cap/510mg).

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WestPharm T-5 EX - is the most effective and effective approach to reduce body fat that can be found among hundreds of weight loss supplements. It meets the expectations of the most demanding people, for whom there is no place for half-measures and ingredients of dubious quality.

This is a new version of the iconic burner on the ZionLabs T5 market.

Apart from the ECA mixture, the composition was enriched with Geranium and Synephrine! What makes this product the best burner available on the market !!!

- Burn fat more efficiently than all legendary thermogenics

- 90 portions in the package

- Based solely on ingredients with effective efficacy (ECA, geranium).

West Pharm

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