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WestPharm Ipamorelin 2017-08

Manufacturer: West Pharmaceuticals, United States.

Substance: 3rd generation GHRP behind GHRP-6 and GHRP-2. 

Package: 1 vial (2 mg).

Expiration: 2017-08.

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Ipamorelin (or NNC 26-0161) belongs to regulatory peptides because it is GH releasing protein; its chain is quite short and only consists of five amino acids. Its molecular mass/weight is 711.86 and its molecular formula is C38H49N9O5.

Ipamorelin was synthesized as innovative and novelty mimetic of ghrelin therefore it possesses ability to enhance gastric motility. There are few ongoing clinical trials with ipamorelin at the current moment. The first studies on HGr-peptides including NNC 26-0161 started in early 1990s.

Also this research compound is a selective secretagogue of G-hormone and ghrelin receptor’s agonist. As other proteins ipamorelin reacts with GHRP-like receptors to release growth hormone from pituitary gland. But unlike few other peptides of hormones nature this pentapeptide doesn’t release same volume of such compounds as cortisol and acetylcholine, and that makes it a very good candidate for future researches. Furthermore, NNC 26-0161 is more stable form of ghrelin and has longer half-life period, and it causes secondary effect by making neurons to become excited.

Ipamorelin is synthesized and used in clinical and laboratory trials and studies.