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Halodrol 60 caps

Manufacturer: Arcas Nutrition, Singapore.

Substance: Halodrol. 

Package: 60 capsules.

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This prohormone has the ability to promote key changes in the body that are extremely beneficial for body building. The technical name of Halodrol is Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol-CDMA (4-chloro17amethyl-androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-diol), also known as HD and H-Drol. Halodrol works by getting into the bloodstream and sticking to the walls of the muscle cells. Activates a reaction with the nucleus that promotes an increase in its overall production of protein while boosting its synthesis in the process. Leads to a buildup of muscle tissue that will eventually become muscle gains. Achieving the most ideal set of abs. Perk up their vascularity and realize high-quality dry gains with only very minimal to no water retention. Extremely high anabolic to androgenic ratio that results in consistent dry and hard muscle gains when cycled without the risk of aromatization. Also gained recognition as an effective fat burner.


Highly recommended to start with a daily dose of 50mg (to gauge your tolerance to this prohormone). Raise to 75mg in 3 to 4 days (if you’re not feeling any adverse reactions). User logs in bodybuilding forums report that 125mg daily dose is possible, but should be reserved for seasoned users. Halodrol can give you an “alpha male” feeling almost immediately. Visual results can take up to 2 weeks. Typical Halodrol cycle runs for 5 to 6 weeks (whether you’re using it as a onetype prohormone or stacking it with others). IMPORTANT to stack it with non-methylated substances (can be highly vulnerable to liver health issues). One dose in the morning and another in the late afternoon or evening. Keeping in mind to have an on-cycle support. When using Halodrol is also essential to stave off potential liver toxicity and cardiovascular problems sooner or later.

Side Effects

Halodrol does not aromatize when cycled. It can still cause the side effects below when not properly used:
• Can cause temporary shrinkage of the testicles
• Can promote bouts of acne and oily skin
• Can stimulate hair loss in men predisposed to baldness

Post Cycle Therapy

Proper post cycle therapy is vital to prevent negative side effects like gynecomastia, joint issues and high blood pressure from manifesting. Make sure you start your PCT a day after your last dose of this prohormone. Run for 4 to 6 weeks depending on your Halodrol dosage.