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Epistane 90 caps

Manufacturer: Arcas Nutrition, Singapore.

Substance: Epistane. 

Package: 90 capsules.

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Epistane, called Epistane or “Epi”, is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and shares similar features with epitiostanol. It is taken orally. Binds to androgen receptors that are located in muscle stem cells and skeletal muscle cells. When this happens, these androgen receptors send messages to cells to boost their retention of nitrogen and protein synthesis. Which improve strength and muscle mass. Epistane is a c17-alpha alkylated analog of epitiostane (has been proven in a number of clinical studies as having anti-estrogen effects and has little ability to aromatize). However, it isn’t an aromatase inhibitor or AI in any way. Is important to keep in mind that this prohormone isn’t recommended for use by women for bodybuilding purposes.


First time Epistane user, the recommended dose is 30mg daily. Intermediate Epistane user, daily dose to 45mg. (together upon waking; experienced users recommend taking one 15mg pill before training; cycle should be run for 6 weeks for optimum results). Experienced user, up to 60mg each day for 6 weeks (keep an eye on your dosing intervals as well as the post cycle therapy or PCT that you’re going to do after).

Side Effects

• Doesn’t set off the usual negative side effects triggered by its prohormone counterparts (aggression, acne outbreaks, sudden
increased hair loss or hair growth) – top choice for newbies.
• Possibile mild loss of libido and dry joints.
• Slight lethargy towards the latter stages of an Epistane cycle.
if you’re quite sensitive to this prohormone – can be prevented by
integrating a mild androgen like Stanodrol or “Stano” into your cycle.
• Highly recommended use an on-cycle support and joint
supplement to really keep clear from any side effects.
• Post cycle therapy or PCT is crucial after cycling on an Epistane Cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy

It is helping body naturally build up its testosterone levels again, aids in keeping estrogen in check to stave off the loss of gains, increased water retention as well as the possibility of getting “bitch tits” or gynecomastia sooner or later and preventing your cortisol levels from getting out of hand after a cycle, which can promote an accelerated buildup of fat in the body.